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Professional Wall Mount TVs in Surrey, Hampshire and West Sussex

T and T Digital are TV wall mount installers serving customers across Surrey, Hampshire and West Sussex. We provide discreet, flush and invisible wall mount solutions for your Plasma, LCD and LED flat screen TVs. We offer hidden and flush TV mounting to a highly professional finish for residents in Surrey, Hampshire and West Sussex. Here is a typical job to install a TV beyond the prying fingers of small children, at a comfortable height for viewing with Sky box and peripherals, cables and power leads hidden and safe away from young children. Aesthetically pleasing and having a flush mounted screen keeps the dusting and clutter down to a minimum.

wall mounting tv surrey hampshire finished job example

Important to Attach Your Wall Mount Securely

tnt tv flush mount wall installationBecause of the weight, a plasma TV wall mount must be sturdy and attached firmly to the wall. Even LCD TVs and LED TVs are not lightweight. Those who want to install TV wall mounts must really know what they are doing, otherwise the result may be unsightly or even dangerous.

We always offer an assessment of the wall to determine its structure and suitability for taking the weight of your TV screen, and other audio visual peripherals like speakers. The choice of fixing bolts is dependent on whether the wall is a “dry lining” type, having plasterboard with a narrow air gap behind, or a partition wall comprising just wood batons and plasterboard, or a solid construction of brick and/or breeze block. In each case, a different fixing method must be used for the supporting bracket, otherwise your expensive TV could come crashing down.

As you can see we can offer a solution for any situation. Here we have an electrical extension being placed beneath the TV position, saving a wall socket and trunking to bring the aerial cable in from the loft. On this occasion it was not practical to channel the TV signal cable into the wall and plaster over the top, although we can do that, so we recommended the use of a discreet trunking this time.

Wall Mounting a TV Above a Fireplace

TV screen mounted above the fireplaceIf mounting TV above fireplace, you must ensure that the fire is purely decorative or, if functional, that any heat produced cannot rise upwards and cause the TV to overheat. If the TV is recessed into the wall, you must ensure that it can receive a good up-flow of cool air to carry away the heat produced. Plasma TVs in particular produce a lot of heat, and won’t last as long if they are not allowed to get rid of it.

In the installation shown here the fireplace was purely decorative, and so we removed the surround and made good after chasing the wiring into the wall. A quick skim of plaster and then we test mount the TV (shown here). We then remove the screen, mask up and protect your furnishings and then make good the paintwork if required. Some clients get us in before they start the decoration of a room, and we are happy to work around your DIY requirements.

If you are thinking about wall mounting your TV screen call us and let us advise you on the best way to do it to achieve that pro look.

Getting the TV Installed Right First Time

Bearing all this in mind, you’ll understand that the installer will need to assess the situation and discuss your requirements with you so that he can carry out an installation that will be safe, reliable, cosmetically acceptable and provide the correct viewing angle, with minimal impact from windows and lighting.

Below is a typical installation. The client wanted a full AV installation with a wall mounted TV. We came along, chopped the wall out and inserted sufficient trunking to take all the various cables. We then wired up the power and ran all the cables. Then the client made good the wall and we came back, mounted the TV screen and finished connecting the cables and putting the face plates on the junction boxes. There is no “before” picture as it was simply a plain white wall – not very interesting. The cables you see hanging are to be connected to the TV and the excess pulled through, then the client placed a small media unit in front of the wall that held their Sky TV box, Playstation, Xbox 360 and Wii and surround sound system. Altogether a very clean, clutter free installation of a TV and audio visual system.

TV wall mounting before during after

Choice of Cables is Important Too

You also need to agree where and how the cables will be installed. The choice is usually between cutting channels in the wall or using plastic conduit that is fixed to the surface. Some wireless solutions are available but these are usually expensive and not always practical; in addition, they are subject to interference from other equipment in your home (or an adjacent neighbour’s home).

If you’ve invested hundreds (or maybe thousands) on a TV set, it’s worth paying a little more to get the best out of it. Mount it to the wall securely and to give your room that clean, professional finish!

For a wall mounted TV in Surrey, Hampshire or West Sussex with a finish second to none give us a call on 01483 320325

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