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Satellite TV installation Surrey, Hampshire and West Sussex

satellite dish installation hampshire and surreyAre you having problems with satellite TV reception in Surrey or Hampshire? Has your Sky dish moved? Or maybe time and the weather have taken their toll, and degraded your satellite dish efficiency to the point you are not getting a good, decent and reliable signal? If you are a home owner with Sky multi room, renting a flat that gets a feed from a common satellite dish, or running a BnB, pub or social club with satellite distributed to different rooms and areas, we can help you solve your picture and satellite reception problems.

Whatever the problem with your satellite equipment, dish, receiver or cabling we can help. We have the equipment to reach your dish wherever it is installed and can quickly and efficiently identify, resolve and permanently cure your bad satellite TV reception or misaligned satellite dish problems.

Our reputation for satellite TV repair across Surrey, Hampshire, West Sussex and into London is second to none. Look at our Checkatrade reviews and testimonials – we have a 9.9 feedback and have many repeat customers.

Let’s look at the probable effects of bad satellite TV signal

motorised satellite dish installationWith a digital transmission, it’s not possible for the satellite dish system to cause a “grainy picture” or a “poor quality picture”, which we used to see in the days of analogue. See our post about  bad tv reception and “digital” aerials. With digital it’s all or nothing. Either the picture is as good as your TV is capable of producing, or else it is breaking up into coloured squares, called “blocking” or “pixelation” (or missing entirely – no satellite signal). There’s nothing in between.

What this means to you is that parts of the satellite system can be slowly degrading and you won’t know anything about it until suddenly, without warning, your picture is unwatchable.

At this point you may think the dish has moved, and you might be right. Strong wind can move the dish and cause loss of signal. However, another reason could be that a tree is growing in the signal path. You’ll see the problem in spring or early summer when the leaves come out; suddenly, your picture is breaking up. But there are many possible causes.

Sky dish alignment Surrey, Hampshire and West Sussex.

It’s not unusual for a badly installed dish to get rain water inside the “LNB” and corrode the connections. However, the fault might also lie in the coaxial cable. Cable doesn’t last forever; the effects of sunlight, rain, frost and snow can gradually degrade the it and reduce the signal that passes through it. Correctly installed, good quality cable can last for years. Badly installed cable might not last even one year – especially if it has been left loose to flap around in wind and chafe on the rough edges of roof tiles.

Has your satellite TV receiver developed a fault?

digital aerial alignment surrey and hampshireWith all of these possibilities causing exactly the same symptoms of your picture breaking up or some channels being missing, it’s difficult to locate the culprit and, sometimes, several items have degraded to the point where the signal arriving at the receiver simply isn’t strong enough.

You might fix the problem by replacing absolutely everything – if you can afford to. But what you really need is a professional engineer with the right test equipment to determine what’s wrong. That way the faulty parts are replaced and the good parts are re-used, saving you money.

Beware satellite TV installation cowboys!
These are the guys with no proper test equipment who simply guess at what’s wrong or replace everything “just in case”. They’ll tell you that you need a new dish, LNB, or new digital cable (there’s no such thing – we use good quality cable designed for satellite TV). When we align dishes we use a proper meter – not one costing a fiver off eBay!

Satellite TV or Sky TV satellite dish repairs

Dish repairs are usually not possible because it is corroded or bent, or the “LNB” connections have corroded. Consequently, our Sky TV repair services usually consist of replacing the LNB (if necessary) and usually the cable (because it degrades with age). Obviously, we use only the best double-screened satellite TV coaxial cable (so-called “digital cable”) and we ensure that all connections are watertight and that the cable can’t flap about in the wind.

If you are having other problems with your Satellite TV system, for example with Sky anytime setup or with Sky multi room setup, please give us a call. We can also help with replacement receivers, Sky “magic eye” problems, remote control problems, adding extra room points and HDMI (High Definition TV connection).

For Freeview aerials (installation and repair) click here.

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