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Fibre Optics

fibre optic installationWe often get enquiries from customers across Surrey and Hampshire about distributing their TV signal throughout a large building, across a retail outlet or commercial premises, or even spanning several buildings on an  industrial site. On these occasions we recommend satellite TV distribution via optical fibres across multiple rooms or properties. It provides a solution to poor TV reception and makes the most of the signal you receive.

Modern satellite TV receivers have two input connections to receive signals from the dish. Many landlords and building management companies are receiving daily complaints that the satellite TV systems installed are unable to fulfill this requirement.

Tenants can get quite angry that they are having to pay a full subscription to Sky (or they may have Freesat) and are unable to use the full recording features. However we can provide a solution to this problem, and distribute a satellite signal across several properties or rooms within a property.

Satellite TV Problems Resolved

This problem can be solved at minimum cost by a professionally installed fibre optic system. For such a system, it is necessary only to install a small diameter sheathed optical fibre (similar to telephone cable) to one or more central locations, and then run one fibre from there to each dwelling. Inside each dwelling is placed a box that provides FOUR satellite outlets. Normally you would require four coaxial cables, but our system uses a single optical fibre, which does not give off poisonous fumes in a fire – thus giving a safety benefit too.

The new “Global Invacom Optical LNB” on the dish requires power, but as this can be fed through the existing coaxial cable, the only new cabling required is the thin, unobtrusive optical fibre. This is a distinct advantage if you are looking for a cheap satellite TV system for flats or an apartment block.

Read what TELE-satellite magazine says about this system: satellite fibre optic system


  • Any existing coaxial satellite cable can normally be utilised.
  • Only a thin fibre “cable” needs to be installed from the dish to a central location, and from there to each dwelling.
  • Minimal intrusion into the building fabric, as the fibre optic is similar to telephone cable.
  • No poisonous fumes in the event of a fire.
  • No possibility that a tenant can “steal” the signal from the system or from another tenant’s optical fibre.
  • No possibility that a tenant can affect other tenants’ viewing or safety by touching anything in his own dwelling, as the only connection is a glass fibre carrying light.
  • Unlimited distance. The dwellings can be hundreds of metres from the dish without suffering any signal loss.
  • Minimal cost. An optical fibre system invariably costs less than an equivalent coaxial cable system.
  • The tenant can use his existing satellite TV receiver, which may be either Sky or Freesat (or both).

Satellite fibre optical system can provide the solution to many installation problems for houses of multiple occupancy, resolve landlord and tenant issues regarding bad television reception, and offer wide distribution from a single dish installation.

Contact the professionals for fibre optics in Surrey, Hampshire and West Sussex for a cost estimate. Sky fibre optics a speciality. As well as fibre optic installation across Surrey, Hampshire and West Sussex, we also repair fibre optic cables and provide repairs to existing fibre optic systems.

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