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Poor TV Reception

We get asked many many times about poor TV reception. It’s what we do after all, but there are occasions where you can fix the problem yourself. Our eBook shows you how to optimise your picture once you have great reception, but what if you have a poor image to start with? We have two top tips to help you upgrade your TV picture quickly. Of course if you don’t want to do this or try our advice and your picture is still bad, then something else could be an issue. We’d advise trying these two things before and if these don’t improve you TV picture, give us a call.

If you still have a TV picture problem then call us on: 01483 320325


aerial cable problem fixIf you have a “snowy”, static hiss, or image that is fuzzy or “ghosted” then chances are the cable to the TV has a fault. This is easy to fix of you have a cable that doesn’t have a moulded socket on the end. Most TV aerial cables have a connector on the end  that can be unscrewed by hand.

In the picture to the left the aerial cable connector has been pulled out of the wall socket and the cable connector has been unscrewed. This leaves the screw collar and cable clamp attached to the cable. The aerial cable has an inner copper wire core, with a white insulator and then around the outside a copper braiding.

As you can see on the right the outer braiding is messy and is touching the inner wire core. If you ensure the outer braiding is not touching the inner wire core but is touching the cable clamp then this should eliminate any fuzzy image problems. Make sure you do this at both ends of the cable between the wall socket and the TV.

aerial cable problem fix braiding

If tidying up the insulating braid doesn’t fix your tv picture issue then it probably isn’t your cable or connectors, and will be between the wall socket and something at the aerial end up on the roof. That’s the time to pick up the phone and give us a call.

Sometimes it pays to take the whole connector assembly off the cable and really tidy up the cable. If it is very messy, and you have enough length of aerial cable, you can trim the damaged part off and strip the cable back. Just ensure the inner cable protrudes enough to fit inside the aerial connector, and wrap the outer braiding neatly around the inner insulation before reassembling the connector onto the cable. Refer to the image above for the correct orientation of the inner cable clamp.
sky aerial cable problem fixIt’s the same with sky cable terminators, as the picture illustrates. If the inner insulation is touching the outer copper braiding then you can get issues with your Sky Box pictures. The usual ghosting problems can occur or bleed through from other channels. Whatever your Sky Box picture problem, you can unscrew the cable from the box and wall socket and check the cable connectors.

Sky have a slightly different connector called an “F-plug,” which means you might need a pair of pliers and a small spanner to unscrew it. When you re-assemble the connector onto the cable you might want to use some silicon grease to prevent corrosion or further problems in the future.

If you still have a TV picture problem then call us on: 01483 320325


incorrect input source snowThis problem is a very simple one,  but one we get called out for at least once a month. It goes something like this: the client calls and says, “my TV picture is all snowy.”
We ask if they have had an issue with their TV before, the answer is usually “no,” and we then know the reason instantly…

There is only one reason why a modern TV will have a snowy, black and white static picture. It has been accidentally switched to the old analogue TV signal input.

Simply locate your remote control and find the button labelled “Input.” It might have the symbol as shown in the picture, a rectangle with an arrow into it. Simply press this and wait until the TV changes channel. If the TV picture doesn’t appear, press the button again, and keep going until the TV picture appears. Each different input should display to let you know the input is changing. If it doesn’t it might be your remote batteries, but it should change inputs until it picks up the DTV (digital TV) signal input.

Some scam artists will come out “fix” the problem and charge you for this!

If you still have a TV picture problem then call us on: 01483 320325


cheap hdmi cableNot all HDMI cables are the same, and up to a point a cheap cable can limit the quality of the picture you get on screen.

We always use a higher quality cable so they we know that the picture quality will be good and the cable will last.

If your TV picture is disappointing, then we recommend you upgrade your HDMI cable. If you have spent £500+ on your flat screen TV then spending around £20 on a good quality HDMI cable is a worthwhile investment.

Also only buy a cable that is as close to the length you need. If you have a cable twice as long as you actually need then there may be some signal loss, so only buy the length of cable needed.

If you still have a TV picture problem then call us on: 01483 320325

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